You are the sky, the ocean and the wind

You are the sky, the ocean and the wind.
Dream vision, interwoven by.
When you haul in spun yarn, 
You can find a boat that takes you to your spirit-journey.

Bloomed on your heart, the flowers.
Shining on your eyes, the stars.
Beyond the ocean that is getting dyed blue and reddish.
Anywhere, to the end of the world.

Looking up at the twinkle stars in the night sky
...As your guide

The wind voice informs you
...Of the direction of the wave

Port of the island that migratory birds head for
Finally reach to

Tales of journey that someone has left.
Rotating spiral impresses deeply on your soul and body.
Tales of the stars guided by the road of the tide.

Time flowed to you.
To encounter the beauties and nature.
Like haul in spun yarn.
My boat voyages forward and ahead. 

Indigo color interwoven with you now & forever.
As if dyeing blue and red.

Describe the sky into the sea.
Mirror the stars into the sea.

You are the sky, the ocean and the wind.

English translation*Satoshi Tatsuguchi